Joey Bada$$- Survival Tactics (feat. Capital STEEZ) [prod. by Vin Skully]


3 days until I’m 21…eh. I stopped caring about birthdays since high school, they’ve never been significant to me. I don’t think I should get praise for being born? Congratulate my mum for going through the pain of having my sad ass in the first place. I think I just want to explore around Devil’s Dyke and camp there on my own with a video camera, writing material and a lot of weed.



The love fades against a color’s change.

The loss shakes against the cold.

Tearing pieces from my decrepit skin.

Just to try and keep you warm.

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Capital STEEZ - Dead Prez

Long live Steelo.


I can get 300ug acid tabs for a fiver this weekend and lose my mind in Brighton for a couple days

but hallucinogenics are a delicate thing and I only did truffles a couple days ago in Dam which aren’t really nice. It just fucked up my stomach and the trip was very geometric and predictable. Also a pretentious art student fucked with it by running into Vondelpark spraying fake blood everywhere screaming with a top that says ‘I Am Amsterdam’

and I got stung by stinging nettles

none of these things are good on hallucinogenics

student loan is not real and I’m gonna be in so much debt at the age of 23 when I graduate that I’ve stopped seeing it as real money

it’s joke money that I’m never going to pay off, the SLC are so fucking stupid