Moving Image at Brighton University
I like music and film and hope to make much of my own


No Age -“Everybody’s Down”

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moved the last out of my things out of the house

I get bad feelings going down that road now, it’s a relief I don’t have to ever go back there again


Been pretty much living out of a bag for the past 6 or so months from not staying in the same place for too long and it’s something I can definitely get used to. In these past 6 months I’ve had the best and worst moments of my life, looking back I can only be happy with myself and where I’m going. After months of agoraphobia in late 2013, today I got the tube for the first time on my own without having that overwhelming anxiety that lies in the pit of your stomach when I’m in public places on my own. I wont lie to myself and say I’ve beaten it but I feel like I’m growing into the person I want to be.

peach-grl replied to your post: apologies in advance to anyone who eve…

lmao we are gna wind each other up constantly we’re like kids

adult babies who pay bills and study sometimes



Gnarwolves - Community, Stability, Identity 19/5/14



behold, the single greatest line uttered in television history

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apologies in advance to anyone who ever meets me because I am a wind-up merchant, peach-grl knows this from first hand experience

sorry for being a piece of shit Amy

sorry that you have to live with me in like 2 weeks for (at least) the next year


study shows I don’t really care

Going to go see Ed Atkins’ Ribbons at the Serpentine Galleries near Hyde Park on my own tomorrow and quite excited to have time to myself. I feel that recently the time I’ve had alone is my happiest time. Which is important, not to push anyone away but I haven’t been completely alone in a long time.